Name: Jonathan Caleb Sauls
Business: JCS Studios
Medium: Oil & Acrylic Paintings
Originally From: Orangeburg, SC
Now Located: Rock Hill, SC
How Did You Get Started?: I started drawing and painting as a child, but when I went to Winthrop University for Sculpture and Drawing I found myself immersed in fine art and art history.
What Do You Love About What You Do?: I appreciate showing others the inspiration and mystery that I find in nature and daily life. Painting and drawing help me to sort through complicated experiences, emotions, and existential questions.
Mission Statement: I am influenced and inspired by the world around me. The way individuals interact, and how individuals respond to seldom expressed subjects such as interpersonal relationships and “what it all means.” Striving daily to gain insight into how the world operates and the self-awareness that accompanies it, I then attempt to represent the feelings of personal interactions visually. Utilizing repetition and minimal icons such as portals, skulls, ghosts, and chairs, my intention is to reiterate the meanings of absence, presence, future, past, present, and infinite possibility.

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