Name: Candace Thibeault
Medium: Mixed Media- Acrylic, Gel Medium, Resin, Ceramic, Ink
Originally From: SC
Now Located: Gilbert, SC
How Did You Get Started?: Sometime around middle school
What Do You Love About What You Do?: Painting results is tangible evidence that you can literally be having any kind of day and still create something beautiful from that experience. I love that. 
Mission Statement: I am inspired by very delicate eco systems. Oftentimes, my work is reflective of the ocean. The fluidity and weightlessness of the water is something I attempt to replicate through my work. Other aspects of nature also play a role in my paintings. Mushrooms and foliage are main characters of these playful paintings as well, interacting with the rest of their ecosystems. My paintings tell stories to the viewer and seem to allow the viewer to create stories of their own in the process. The goal of my work is to capture the beauty of our natural world, in a magnified way.

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