Name: Charles Hite
Business: Charles Hite Photography
Medium: Photography
Originally From: West Columbia, SC
Now Located: Cayce, SC
How Did You Get Started?: My new interest in astronomy in 2007 got me started in photography. Family and friends saw an image I captured of our SC State House dome, a crescent Moon and Venus, and they encouraged me. I entered that image into a contest and it won, so I started to pay attention to what I was doing. Then, in December 2012, I sold my first photo to a stranger at Soda City Market on Main St., Columbia, SC. Since then I think I’ve had some degree of success in my endeavor.
What Do You Love About What You Do?: I’m a retired Land Surveyor, worked in the woods for 18 years, so I was drawn to nature photography. I love being outside in a natural setting, visually surveying the scene before me and deciding on one or more compositions, and hope I capture the feeling.
Mission Statement: I capture images of things that interest me, not thinking if I can sell it. I hope my love of nature in all aspects can be seen in my images and that folks that view my work are moved in some way.

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