Name: Chase White
Medium: Drawings with Graphite, Markers, Colored Pencils, Acrylic
Originally From: West Columbia, SC
Now Located: Columbia, SC
How Did You Get Started?:  Kindergarten art class was the real beginning of when I discovered my creative mojo could be imagined in other ways. The fact that I could submerse myself in a room full of art supplies and be encouraged to use them to make crazy things… I was in heaven.
What Do You Love About What You Do?: Art has always been an escape and a safe space for my imagination and individuality.  There is such a powerful feeling when you can express the images of your imagination in a way that you can share with others or no one at all.
Mission Statement: I grew up in a huge, yellow double wide trailer in the middle of nowhere South Carolina. When I found out my house had wheels I immediately thought “where’s the steering wheel?!” and make believe began….

Make believe was and still is my favorite game. Power Ranger, cooking channel host, adult human, I have been it all. A very curious and borderline ADHD child, I used art to help me figure out the world around me. When I wanted to escape it all together, I dreamed up a better one to live in.

My current work spawned from many failed attempts to draw realistic portraits. Throwing the proportions of the face out completely I focused on using shapes to outline features and color to define depth and add energy. I am very happy to share these quirky accidents and look forward to pursuing many more creative and artistic endeavors.

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