Name: Barbara Sawyer
Business: G B Sawyer Fine Art
Medium: Hand-painted Oil Necklaces
Originally From: 
Columbia, SC
Now Located: Charleston, SC
How Did You Get Started?: In 2012 I signed up for my first show to sell large canvases and my all original hand-painted oil necklaces. I sold a few of the canvases but I sold out of the necklaces. That’s when I decided to focus on painting necklaces- because they are unique.
What Do You Love About What You Do?: It is the most exciting thing ever- such a challenge to able to paint my necklaces until they are perfect!
Etc: Barbara Sawyer is a longtime Charleston area artist, born and raised in South Carolina. Barbara currently lives in the Charleston area with her husband, daughter and two dogs. Her collection of original, hand painted oil necklaces are painstakingly produced in miniature and feature some of the most loved scenes of the south.