Name: Melissa Giglio
Business Name: January Jewelry
Medium: Metalsmithing with Silver, Copper, Brass
Originally From: West Virginia
Now Located: Greenville, SC
How Did You Get Started?: I learned about metalsmithing in college at East Carolina University. I have a BFA in Art Education with a concentration in Metal Design. I started my business in 2012 after I had been teaching art for 5 years.
What Do You Love About What You Do?: I love the design process of metalsmithing. Creating something from nothing. The process and metamorphosis metal takes from start to finish.
Mission Statement: Being drawn to a look of fresh simplicity which transcends the style of the wearer, I seek to have pieces that appeal to the modern woman—in all her variations. The jewelry I create can be a casual, everyday adornment or a sophisticated element on more formal occasions. January Jewelry brings a feminine quality to such elements of strength and remains a true symbol to the heart of the person it adorns.

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