Name: Joel DeJong
Medium: Watercolor Paintings
Originally From: Fulton, Illinois
Now Located: Greenville, SC
How Did You Get Started?: It wasn’t until after college that I became interested in painting so I missed out on a lot of opportunities for instruction during those years. When I started working in watercolor I devoured information every book and gallery I could find and over the years have taught myself to paint through the techniques of many well known masters. For me its a very rewarding thing to improve my techniques through constant practice and I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning.
What Do You Love About What You Do?: Working in watercolor fascinates me. It’s a deceptively simple medium, yet the levels of complexity and the endless techniques one can use to add depth and texture can transform a simple painting into a true work of art. It is with this goal that I approach every work. I never tire of the little surprises that I discover with each painting.
Mission Statement: I love the constant challenge of creating a work of art. I paint subjects that interest me and reflect what I see in them. In my art I endeavor to show the viewer a new way of looking at a subject. I enjoy creating art that is pleasing to look at and draws the viewer in for a closer inspection.

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