Name: Lauren Pimental
Medium: Acrylic Painting, Illustration, Watercolor, Wood-burning, Underglaze Pottery Painting
Originally From: Lexington, SC
Now Located: Columbia, SC
How Did You Get Started?: I started off by doodling in school to help me sit still. In high school I decided that I liked to draw. When I was about twenty, I began teaching myself how to paint. I would break away from my friends and go into my room to try and learn this new skill. Painting would bring me peace and an outlet I enjoyed.
What Do You Love About What You Do?: The thing I love about creating art is that the possibilities are endless. You get to choose what to bring into existence on the canvas. You get to choose the story you want to portray to inspire others through picture. Creativity is a wonder to the human soul.
Mission Statement: My mission is to bring joy to others through my paintings. To allow them to experience positive emotions when they look at them. I want to steward the gift God has given me.

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