Name: Levi Wright
Business: Levi Wright Pottery
Medium: Ceramics
Originally From: Lexington, SC
Now Located: Lexington, SC
How Did You Get Started?: Started in high school and progressed from there. Studied under Peter Lenzo.
What Do You Love About What You Do?: The ability to not have boundaries when I’m creating my art
Mission Statement: Always push boundaries and share knowledge.
Etc: Master Potter, Levi Wright, blends his love of southern culture with lumps of southern clay. He creates traditional forms that echo SC’s past but excels in face jugs that tell a story, interpret a dream, or capture an emotion. Specializing in traditional slip trailing, he uses the Palmetto Tree symbol on cups, vases, jugs, and plates to express his Southern roots.

Collectors have praised Levi for his uniquely southern twists on the past and the humor he inserts into the traditional southern forms. Here at SOTA, you can purchase his pieces and even sit at the wheel and let him teach you from his years of passionate joy for the clay arts.

Levi is co-owner of State of the Art and runs the pottery studio. He studied under the great southern ceramic artist Peter Lenzo and potters Justin Guy and Gary Clontz. His goal is to pass on what he has learned in order to keep the dying art of southern pottery alive.

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