Name: Shelby LeBlanc
Medium: Acrylic and Mixed Media Paintings
Originally From: Columbia, SC
Now Located: Charleston, SC
How Did You Get Started?: I’m a self taught artist and have been creating since I was a child, but I didn’t start producing artwork professionally until 2015. Honestly, I started painting again to help me through one of the worst struggles of my depression at the time and has since given me so much more.
What Do You Love About What You Do?: I love taking an empty canvas and transforming it into an animal, landscape, portrait, still life, etc., but breaking norms and challenging myself to create new things in different styles and always keep people guessing. I think art is limitless if you never limit yourself. 
Mission Statement: I want to make beautiful, bold artwork that invites the world to see through my perspective and that demands attention.
Etc.: I am a muralist, published illustrator, and commission painter.  I am currently represented at Art Mecca of Charleston located on King Street. When I’m not painting I enjoy spending time with family, friends, my partner and our three fur babies, cooking, and traveling.

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