Name: Susan Card
Business: Susan Card Fine Art
Medium: Paintings
Originally From: New York
Now Located: Fort Mill, SC
How Did You Get Started?: I have been an artist my entire life. Earned a Masters Degree in Graphics in 1976 and have been making things and exhibiting ever since.
What Do You Love About What You Do?: I have a passion for color! As colors meet side by side, merge or cross over my heart literally sings. I love as viewers engage with my paintings and see things in the marks such as butterflies, birds, faces and so much more, things I never intended but the interaction is wonderful.
Mission Statement: Susan Card believes Art is a visual language of communication that is unlike any other in that by seeing it provokes our imagination and often moves our emotions. Expressing joy and freedom is of primary importance. The combined elements of light, color and motion ignite her work. A passion for moving liquid color and early years as a printmaker have made for a freeform graphic style of dancing, rhythmic marks to flow.

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