Name: Fredric Mau
Business: Watermark Counseling
Medium: Books
Originally From: Georgia
Now Located: Columbia, SC
How Did You Get Started?: Got laid off from my corporate job, decided to learn hypnosis because I figured it would be fun at parties (it totally is!). Saw how powerful it is to help people. Fell in love with it.
What Do You Love About What You Do?: I enjoy seeing people heal and grow.
Mission Statement: Emotion drives behavior. Stories frame emotion and create meaning. Even the Self is a story. I help people engage their own creativity to tell themselves new stories.
Etc: Dr. Fredric Mau was named the 2019 Outstanding Counselor by the South Carolina Counseling Association, adding to his impressive research awards in Europe and the US. He is an internationally recognized authority on clinical hypnosis, and is an engaging speaker on psychotherapeutic counseling. He is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor and is board-certified in three areas.  In his practice in Columbia, he engages in treating emotions at a primal level, before cognition.

His books Emotion – The Power of Change: A Science-based Approach to Ericksonian Hypnosis, and A Different Reality: Adventures in narrative therapy & a protocol to address anxiety disorders and insomnia, are available at SOTA. Both are known for putting the cookies on the bottom shelf – making complex concepts understandable and interesting.

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